Wairoa Lighthouse

Marine Parade, Wairoa District, Hawkes Bay

The Wairoa Lighthouse was originally built on Portland Island off the Mahia Penisula, and was one of the earliest lighthouse sites in New Zealand.

Built from solid Kauri, it was in use from 1878 to 1960. It was moved to its current site beside the Wairoa river in 1960, following the introduction of an automated lighting system at Portland Island.

In 2016, local resident Richard Lynch embarked on a project to repaint the top of the lighthouse, and was amazed to find that beneath the coats of paint that had been applied over the years was a pristine copper dome.

"I remember seeing it as a kid but felt it needed a paint job. I sent an email to Craig Little and got the response I was after", said Mr Lynch.

Today, the Lighthouse, which still operates, is a well-known icon of the town and is a beacon for many Wairoa locals.