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Art Deco Trust

7 Tennyson Street, Napier, Hawke's Bay

Make the Art Deco Centre your first stop to find out more about the devastating 1931 earthquake and the rebuild of the city in the style of the times - Art Deco. We have daily guided walks starting from $24 per person, vintage car tours starting at $125 for 4 people, our Art Deco centre has fabulous Art Deco inspired homewares and giftware’s for sale.

Each year we host two Art Deco festivals - our biggest and brightest in February, is our world-famous Art Deco Festival where 40,000 people arrive dressed in Deco and take part in five fabulous days of Art Deco festival fun. For the more intimate and indulgent, we host our Winter Deco Weekend each July. All sales from our events, daily tours and shop sales, go back into the preservation of our Art Deco heritage. Ask us how you can help!

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30 people

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From 1 hour to 4 Hours

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All ages

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Suitable walking shoes for our walking tours, camera, sunglasses!

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