CNR York and Durham Avenue, Tamatea, Napier

Katchafire Winter Tour

Hailing from Kirikiriroa in Aotearoa (Hamilton in New Zealand) KATCHAFIRE have become a global roots reggae phenomenon with the all-Maori band bringing their pure classic sound to music lovers worldwide delivering one of the most authentic Reggae shows around.

With six successful albums, platinum sales, hit singles, and a massive fanbase selling out shows around the world, 2022 sees KATCHAFIRE celebrating 25 years of existence.

Their sound is built on the foundations of classic roots reggae with an R’n’B and funk rub, fusing modern dancehall and with slinky pop, cool grooves and uplifting vibes.

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Bev Ridges on York, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

CNR York and Durham Avenue, Tamatea, Napier

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