Paul Ubana Jones

11 Shakespeare Rd, Napier

Paul Ubana Jones is a genuine World Music artist and showcases his music to stunning effect in art galleries/concert halls/night clubs and ‘world festivals'.

Born and raised in Britain to a Nigerian father and a Yorkshire mother. He speaks with a London accent. Caught the explosive Sixties scene when the centre of music resided there. Saw Hendrix and the others as a teen. He gained a musical scholarship and his studies included classical music, along with his playing of guitar and cello.

Crucially, he would have been in the vicinity of other innovative touchstone guitar virtuosos. Richard Thompson, Peter Green, Davey Graham, and Jimmy Page in his folkie jacket. This informs his multi-personality guitar style.

Before becoming a resident of New Zealand, he was a resident of Switzerland by marriage. Performed extensively in both Canadian and USA festivals. He has also been awarded since arriving and becoming an NZ citizen: 3 major music awards(including a Tui Award) and has to date released 9 albums.

Don’t miss this ‘unique musician’! Get your tickets early from The Cabana Napier:8:30pm.

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The Cabana, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

11 Shakespeare Rd, Napier

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