The Small Hall Sessions bring HB Music Month to Takapau

37 Charlotte St, Takapau

Week 1 | Sun 7 May | Takapau Hall
Celebrating Hawke’s Bay’s locally grown music in our local halls, on this, our first night, we bring you three extraordinary artists.
First up tonight we have Kita Turner-Low - Original songs that are an acoustic mix of folk and punk from the depths of Greenmeadows.
Fraser Mack - Fraser Mack is a musician who does the impossible on the guitar. He's best known for his unique covers of rock songs which leave the audience wondering where the rest of the band is! His originals range from melodic folk to classic rock and everything in between. After extensively touring Australia and New Zealand the local Hawkes Bay bloke is back in town.
Devils Elbow Devils Elbow have held solid ground as a distinctively Hawke’s Bay band although they have achieved a significant national following, having toured widely. They have recorded 3 albums since they formed in 2007 and have toured, featured at many Festivals and received significant radio airplay both in NZ and further afield. Their music is rooted in alt-country with a bit of a punk attitude and an occasional garage rock flair. There’s a grittiness to their sounds, but it has the feel not of a big metropolis, but of a wider landscape, small towns and country roads.
With three great musical acts, a bar offering local wines & beer, inexpensive wholesome meals, and the comradery of your local community this will be a night to gather together and celebrate what is wonderful about Hawke’s Bay.

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Takapau Town Hall, Takapau, Central Hawke's Bay

37 Charlotte St, Takapau

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