Still Life Geode Workshop with Gabby O'Connor

1 Tennyson St, Napier

Suitable for teens and adults.
Artist Gabby O’Connor will run a workshop that takes inspiration from her artwork, All the Colours, All the Light, that is currently in the foyer of MTG. Gabby will talk about her work in Antarctica, so come and hear all things icebergs and ice.
The workshop will use some of the remaining shapes from the installation - it will look like a kind of technicoloured transparent geode! Gabby will support participants through basic warm up drawing exercises, and then create some simple water colour experiments/responses to the still life using only 3 colours - cyan, magenta, and yellow.
We will use layering and watering down of the colours to create senses of translucency and tertiary colours. Depending on available time, we may then make some small geode shapes/bergy bits using photocopies, or a freeform strategy that uses recycled paper.

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MTG Hawke's Bay, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

1 Tennyson St, Napier

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