Spirit of Eden - Exhibition by Emma Bass

4 Hastings St, Napier

Spirit of Eden | Exhibition by Emma Bass
10 February - 3 March, 2023
Opening Friday 10 February, 5-7pm, at Boyd-Dunlop Gallery

Spirit of Eden is an exhibition presenting a suite of Emma Bass’ classic Floral Portraits in dialogue with selections from her more recent series, Interrupted Eden.

Spirit of Eden brings together works that challenge the distinction between the natural and the artificial. In her Floral Portraits, Emma’s fresh floral compositions include creatures at various stages of their life cycle; these works invite us to contemplate lifespan in terms of mortality and regeneration. In contrast, the Interrupted Eden works present artificial flowers in a range of beautiful New Zealand settings. These works question the sustainability of the market for single use cut flowers vs. the longer life cycle of man-made flowers, and whether both affect us in similar ways.

Bass says “These works in combination challenge us in slightly different ways, with the question of whether beauty is illusionary, what constitutes a sustainable existence and what is natural and what is man made in the anthropocene? I am always interested in exploring our mortality and the ephemeral within this complex world we both inhabit and create”

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