'Rubber Soul' Exhibition by Jim Mitchell from Mambo

4 Hastings St, Napier

Boyd-Dunlop Gallery proudly presents “Rubber Soul”, a retrospective exhibition of Mambo sketches, prints and posters from the hyperactive imagination of New Zealand born artist Jim Mitchell.

100% Mambo launched in Redfern, Australia in 1984 and owed much of it’s success to a group of independent artists who helped translate the passion for surf, art, music and humour into wearable products beloved by many and still being coveted by millenials and genzers raising their Dads wardrobes. One such artist was Jim Mitchell.

The exhibition will consist of never before exhibited works to purchase from Jim Mitchell's personal collection. The collection includes Jim's entire set of original poster art, painted between 1994 and 2000. Securing the poster brief for each collection was considered the most prestigious commission and the artistic competition stepped up accordingly.

A number of the artworks featured in this exhibition are working drawings, which were step 1 of a creative process for art to be approved for a graphic story or range and find its way onto a t-shirt, swing tag or poster. A core group of artists were invited to contribute ideas to each range, this method of sourcing art had the effect of creating intense competition between the artists, with the ultimate effect of extracting the most original, collectable and controversial artworks. These visuals were created before photoshop was widely used, so include literal cut and paste (tape) as Jim tweaked his layouts. Pantone swatches and coffee stains are bonus extras. Screen prints and new release digital prints will also.

Boyd-Dunlop Gallery is proud to offer these highly sought after pieces that collectors of Mambo original art will not want to miss viewing.

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Boyd-Dunlop Gallery, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

4 Hastings St, Napier