Retrospective - Marie Clare and Lisa Clare

106 Russell St South, Hastings

This exhibition will trace the dual artistic paths and legacies of mother and daughter, Marie and Lisa Clare. Differing in styles, approaches, and subject matter, this will be a beautiful testament to artistic lives lived.

Many works will be for sale, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to absorb the vibrant and thoughtful worlds of these two creative visions.

Lisa Clare - contemporary artist:
Genuinely creative, Lisa loved dancing, sharing party time adventures with her friends of whom there were plenty, and she was known for zipping about Havelock North in the late 1980’s and 90’s in her stand-out dazzling purple Ford Escort.

Lisa enjoyed travelling and often reflected on her Tasmania travels, pursuing life with an artistic aesthetic. Lisa attended Art School at Unitec in Auckland in the late 1990’s. An attentive artist, she completed her studies and remained living there in Ponsonby embarking on her professional career.

Across all her works is a quirky line, often singular with pared back markings of colour, uniformly creating a signature styling. Their simplicity unmasks a considered approach both open and reachable with strong holdings. These are emotional expressions framed around themes of feminine identity, and self-exploration. Key motives repeat across her various series of works such as what one wears. For example, high heel shoes, representative of female power and poise, and how to stand and expose in the world, includes aspects of control and freedom to walk one's walk how one wishes.

Marie Clare - contemporary nz artist:
Marie Clare was a contemporary NZ artist well regarded across Hawkes Bay and much of NZ in the 1980’s - 90’s. She was an active member of Keirunga Arts community. Marie exhibited on many occasions with fellow artists we continue to appreciate today.

As the Great Grand Daughter of Edward Henry Holder (1847 – 1922) of the Royal Academy London, Marie was born into an artistic family, with her father Augus Holder and Grand Father Henry Holder also lesser known for Art and Photography works.

Marie was a true colourist, if she happened upon a blank surface, it was often painted or stained with an array of colours splashing brightness everywhere. Bold and vivacious, Marie Clare’s disposition was much alike her artworks; fun, enthused and with a vigour for creating beauty across all areas of living.

Her lively sense of colour demonstrates an intimate bond with her work. An ability to move with such freedom between styles and flexibility to paint with water colour, pastels or mixed media allowed Marie to produce some truly wonderful works. Marie was inspired by the works of Monet with his use of colour and light and demonstrated this at every opportunity.

Tutored by Hawke's Bay artist and teacher Frank Bacon, she went on to tutor her own classes for U3A and private classes in her home studio.

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Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings