'Reasons to Be Cheerful' Exhibition By Peter Miller

4 Hastings St, Napier

Reasons to be Cheerful
Exhibition by Peter Miller
20 January, 2023 - 11 February, 2023
Join us for the opening of Peter Miller's latest exhibition 'Reasons to be Cheerful,' at Boyd-Dunlop Gallery, on Friday 20 January from 5 to 7pm.

Peter Miller can perhaps best be classified as a contemporary still life painter, although he also often works outside of that genre, incorporating narrative based and large portrait work (the latter of the two having become a strong passion for him).

In his still life work he tends to play with old and damaged objects that convey a sense of story and show the signs of time passing whilst also looking for and painting simple objects, objects that he sees a beauty in that may be missed by others, and through painting magnifying their beauty, in a sense placing them under a spotlight for the viewers awareness.

"My work had it's origins in the Dutch Vanitas paintings of the 16/17th century, the period during and following the boom time in the tulip trade in the Nederland. It has changed a lot over time, but I am still probably currently best known as a still life painter. The Vanitas influence is still there but not often obvious, except perhaps to myself. Over time I have brought the human figure into my work more and more, as a potential carrier of a stronger narrative. And now portrait work has taken my interest also, the challenge of trying to capture the essence of a person and personality."

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