Pirates of The Curry Bean

815 St Aubyn St West, Hastings

At the Docks of Old London Town is the Squirty Squid Tavern, home to Pearl Periwinkle and her children Liza & Jack. Pearl’s husband Stanley Periwinkle is lost at sea.

A group of pirates comes into the tavern and overhears a conversation about a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest of gold & silver and valuable gems. After a big fight between the Pirates and the Sailors, the Pirates aboard the Curry Bean have ended up stranded on a dessert island. The Pirates have kidnapped Pearl and taken her with them to the Island of Lumbago, along with the treasure map hoping to find the treasure. The sailors aboard the Crunchy Frog chase the Pirates to the Island with Liza & Jack looking for their mother. Will they find Pearl or the treasure, and is Stanley Periwinkle still alive?

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Aubyn Live Theatre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

815 St Aubyn St West, Hastings

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