Phil Edwards Band

1769 Maraekakaho Rd, Hastings

Phil Edwards Band

Driven by the frontman Phil, the Phil Edwards Band represent a unique blend of honest soulful music.

The band's journey started back in 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand, Still with the same members today Adrian Ashdown, Timothy Williams, and Phil Edwards.

Phil takes a fresh honest stance while writing his lyrics and creates his songs from a place within his heart, all his songs you hear are based on real life experience and therefore produce relatable listening joy.

It's always been a DIY journey for the band and they have worked hard to create their own pathway, they have achieved great success both on and off the stage.

The band has toured both Nationally and Internationally multiple times performing at major festivals in both Australian and New Zealand, such as Rhythm and Vines, Festival of Lights, Moomba Water Festival, and Whangamata Summer Festival. Phil and the band have shared the stage with well know names such as John Buter, LAB, Black seeds, Tahuna Breaks and Thomas Oliver.

Phil derives his energies from his creative flare and desire to build and create, he builds his songs melodies that somehow appear from no known source, there’s no reason or rhyme to them they just appear and transcend into music.

Phil's desire to create and express is seen through his own daytime business building tiny homes, Phil and his family currently live in a tiny House in the Hawkes Bay region, Phil and his Partner Hannah are firm believers in living tiny, they believe their minimalistic lifestyle is food for the soul.

Phil and the band are currently working with well-known Kiwi producer Thomas Oliver, their 2nd and 3rd Album is something special, and excitement is brewing as each single is released.

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Abbey Winery & Brewery, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

1769 Maraekakaho Rd, Hastings

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