Otamauri Playcentre Open Day

10 Otamauri Road, Hastings

We invite you to our open week during the first week of March. Bring a snack for your little one and come explore everything Otamauri Playcentre has to offer!
Do you want to see and be part of how your child learns, and develops through play? Your child will be given a chance to explore, create, climb, read, sing, experiment, play music, wear costumes, garden, do carpentry with real tools, bake and cook, build sandcastles, swing, slide, dance, spend time in nature and get messy.
Playcentre is your village. See children delight in their surroundings- play with them, alongside them, encourage them to interact with others while you meet other parents and educators.
Parents are the first educators of children, and Playcentres around New Zealand foster the involvement of whānau through early childhood education. As a family, and as a community, you’ll build your own village with Playcentre: making life-long friends along the way.
This unique opportunity sets Playcentre apart from kindergarten, childcare, preschool and daycare options. Playcentre creates a sense of belonging as families share responsibilities and decision making.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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Otamauri Playcentre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

10 Otamauri Road, Hastings