'Moon' at the National Aquarium of New Zealand

546 Marine Parade, Napier

Marvel at the moon’s influence on our world!
Join us on a lunar adventure and discover the wonders of our celestial neighbour The Moon on your next visit to the National Aquarium.

As you enter our foyer, prepare to be awestruck by a magnificent sight. A large-scale moon, illuminated and floating above you, sets the stage and brings the Moon to life.

Explore the mysteries and marvels of the Moon through a range of interactive activities as we uncover its impact on our planet. From its mesmerizing phases, intriguing craters, and how it influences our tides, you'll uncover loads of fascinating secrets about our celestial neighbour - plus complete an activity sheet to go in the draw for one of three prize packs!

Don’t miss our enchanting evening story time events, exclusive champagne evening 'Moonlit Mumm', and the Ātea a Rangi Star Dome experiences.

See you under our ‘moonlit sky’ for an extraordinary lunar adventure between 23 June - 31 July.

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National Aquarium of New Zealand, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

546 Marine Parade, Napier