Hot Potato Band - Napier

11 Shakespeare Rd, Napier

The brass-funk party you've all been waiting for is coming to town!
Grab your lover, mother, friend or other and join us for a night of laughter, dancing and singing.
For all you HPB fans, we’re excited to showcase some new music, never before heard by an audience.

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Hot Potato Band’s larger-than-life brass collective is a breath of fresh air, setting a new bar for energetic and interactive musical performances. Finding home in Sydney, Australia, their positive coastal energy pushes euphoric boundaries in their bold quest to reignite acoustic instrumentation. The bands 10 year street performing history and unique sound is built on the backs of three drummers, a sousaphone and five horns that cover catchy chorus lines, providing a beautiful harmonic cloud for Ben (vocalist) to float above. HPB is un-bound by genres, stages and audiences. They are re-inventive of the traditional street brass band as a modern day dance machine and visual spectacle for all demographics with a strong sense of pride for their fun-loving, organic, and quirky musical nature.

"Hot Potato Band were undoubtedly one of the most entertaining acts of the day"
- Madeline Tait, The Music (Lost Picnic Festival, Sydney)

"Simply amazing in every single way, from their timing, their show performance, to their impressive crowd involvement. They gave the Lost Picnic audience a performance so unique and entertaining, personally their set was definitely one of the highlights from the entire event"
- Laura Tedder, Amnplify (Lost Picnic, Sydney)

"Of course there are always some gems of acts that you see that make the entry price totally worth it. My picks for this year were Sydney boys Hot Potato Band who i saw twice."
- Kristen Austin-Zande, Scenstr (Queenscliff Music Festival)

"This band simply is a barrel of fun and a perfect fit for a summer’s night of revelry."
- Philippe Perez, The AU Review

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Sat 18th Feb 2023, 7:30pm


The Cabana, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

11 Shakespeare Rd, Napier