Hawke's Bay Woodturners Exhibition

106 Russell St South, Hastings

From Tuesday April 2, 2024 members of the Hawke's Bay Woodturners Guild are holding their annual exhibition and sale of beautifully decorative, and delightfully practical, items made from wood.

The Guild has been creating and sharing skills since 1989 and currently has approximately 60 members. In recent years there has been a growing interest with many younger and new members joining to learn skills from those that have been working with wood for many years.

The Guild holds sessions each week and, as a member, you can join in these sessions and create ideas - learning skills from those with more experience. If you have an interest in woodturning, come and talk to one of the members who may be using the lathe in residence at the Arts Centre during their exhibition.

During this annual exhibition, club members may be in attendance during the day as well, to provide assistance with any enquiries around getting started - or about their lovingly crafted pieces, and doing lathe demonstrations.

Free Entry as usual here at the Community Arts Centre! So come on in for that unique wooden gift (you can take it with you on the day), or find something useful to have in your own home.

Take a look around...



Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings