EIT Public Lecture: Assoc Prof Emre Erturk

9 Herschell Street, Napier

PUBLIC LECTURE followed by discussion and refreshments

Understanding the Digital Divide in Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand: How do we move towards a more digitally inclusive society?

EIT’s Associate Professor Emre Erturk will speak on his research around the ongoing digital divide and digital inclusion debates. Emre recently led a research project on this topic funded by Internet NZ, and has presented on the digital divide and digital inclusion at major conferences in the UK. Various potentially affected groups in Hawke’s Bay will be discussed. These include local businesses, the elderly, and young students, as well as the significant role of digital inclusion in terms of helping to preserve Mātauranga Māori. During his presentation, Dr Emre Erturk will also reflect on the growing relationship between digital literacy and cyber-security awareness and capability. Finally, Emre will summarise his perspectives and will open the floor for questions and thoughts from the audience.



MTG Century Theatre, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

9 Herschell Street, Napier

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