Catherine Cattanach - A State Of Flux

5 Havelock Road, Havelock North, Hastings

Catherine Cattanach is an award winning Wellington-based portrait and fine art photographer, wife, mother, and coffee aficionada.

Through her lens, Cattanach transforms flowers into ethereal subjects, with their delicate petals and vibrant colours mirrored in the undulating patterns of water ripples. The interaction between the flowers and the water creates a sense of movement and flow, adding a dynamic and captivating quality to the images. The water ripple effects introduce an element of abstraction, blurring the boundaries between reality and artistic interpretation.

We welcome you all to join Catherine Cattanach and ourselves for the opening of 'A State of Flux' at Muse Art Gallery on Sunday the 14th of May at 3 - 5 pm. The Gluten Free Maker is catering the event, generously sponsored by Jarrod and Susie from Tremains Havelock North. Refreshments are courtesy of our friends Te Mata Estate and Giant Brewing Company..

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Muse Art Gallery, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

5 Havelock Road, Havelock North, Hastings