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At Seasons Art Class Hawkes Bay we provide the ideal opportunity for you to let your artistic talents bloom and flourish – even if you think you have no disposition towards art at all. Many prospective students express the fact that they have zero artistic ability yet thrive in our once-a-week, 14-week art classes in Havelock North and Taradale, Napier.

Our adult beginner art classes in Napier and Havelock North are specially designed for complete novices and those who have little experience but wish to improve their skills and abilities. Classes are of 3 hours duration which provides ample opportunities for students to learn and progress at their own pace. Our teachers and assistants will offer guidance and encouragement as at first you learn the basics of drawing and sketching, learn about the importance of perspective in your work, and create a solid foundation for the rest of the course. When you attend our classes, you can do so empty-handed, all materials, including refreshments, will be provided as part of the package.
And as the weeks progress you will receive instruction in working with pastels, watercolours and acrylics, developing an understanding of the differences and applications of each style – and which techniques will deliver the results that you desire. There is no substitute for raw talent, but for the rest of us, understanding the standard and basic techniques of art – with one or two secrets thrown in is more than sufficient for us to produce pieces of artwork of which we can be suitably proud.

Moreover, you can achieve all this in a highly sociable and nurturing environment with other like-minded people who frequently make strong and long-lasting friendships in our art classes.
Our Seasons Art Class curriculum has been tried and tested for over 14 years; attending our adult acrylic, watercolour and oil pastels art classes in Hawkes Bay will provide you with a foundation in many aspects of art and the confidence to display your portraits, pets and still life pieces.

What to Expect in Each Medium
- Acrylic Painting: This is where bold meets beautiful. Acrylics allow you to layer, texture, and experiment in ways that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. With each brushstroke, you'll learn to capture not just images but the essence of your subjects.
- Watercolour Techniques: There's something magical about watercolours, the way they blend and bleed to create ethereal works of art. You'll go beyond the basics, learning to harness this magic, and crafting scenes that are as dreamy as they are precise.
- Oil Pastel: Get ready for a riot of colour. Oil pastels are all about vibrant, bold strokes that bring your artwork to life. We'll show you how to blend and layer like a pro, creating pieces that pop.
- Pencil Sketching: It's time to get detailed. With pencil sketching, you'll refine your ability to capture the world around you Each line, each shade, will tell a story, your story.
14 weeks*
3 hours per week
Tutor led
All art materials supplied
Flowing tea / coffee and biscuits
Inspirational Outcomes
As the weeks progress, you'll see your work transform, each piece a testament to your growing skill and confidence. But it's not just about what you create; it's about the journey there, the discoveries you make about art and yourself. And when it's time to showcase your work, the exhibition isn't just a display; it's a celebration, a moment to stand back and see just how far you've come, surrounded by those who've been part of your artistic adventure.
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Each lesson is $50 - secure your place with a deposit of $99 and thereafter 12 x $50


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