A'Deanes Bush Community Planting Day

Makaretu Rd, Ongaonga

Celebrate Conservation Week 2022 by planting native plants at the A'Deanes Bush Scenic Reserve Community Planting Day, Makaretu Road, Central Hawke’s Bay. Everyone is invited - this event is suitable for all ages. Nau mai, haere mai, all welcome - we would love your help!

Planting starts at 10 am and will finish at 1 pm with a free sausage sizzle. On completion of the planting go for an easy stroll along the track through A’Deane’s Bush, see the work being done by the Friends of A’Deanes Bush and discover the secrets of this awesome little reserve.

What to bring: Spade, gardening gloves, gumboots, hat, suitable wet weather gear if required, drink.

Kids, earn a Toyota Kiwi Guardian Toa Tiaki Rakau Tree Planter medal by going online after the event. The Kiwi Guardians programme is an activity programme aimed at kids 6 - 10 years to learn about nature, earn cool rewards and go on epic family adventures. To claim your Toa Tiaki Rakau Tree Planter medal visit the Kiwi Guardians page on the Department of Conservation website after the planting and tell us about the tree you planted, where you chose to put it, and how the planting went, and we'll send you a Kiwi Guardians medal.

Each Kiwi Guardian action or adventure you participate in has a different medal – see how many you can collect. If you share something online use #KiwiGuardians so we can see what you've done and share it with others!

Friends of A’Deanes Bush - A’Deane’s Bush Scenic Reserve is a 38 ha lowland forest and includes one of the few native forest remnants in the Ashley Clinton district. It is managed as a joint venture between Friends of A’Deane’s Bush and DOC.

This awesome little reserve features one of New Zealand’s largest standing totara, approximately 34m high and estimated to be over 600 years of age along with rimu, matai, titoki, black beech and kahikatea. It is also home to a range of native birds and the threatened long-tailed bat and green mistletoe.

The Friends of A’Deane’s Bush is a great eco-restoration project involving many partners and has been working to try and achieve their vision of creating a wildlife sanctuary where native plants and animals flourish, and where local community and visitors are encouraged to experience and learn about the ecological restoration of New Zealand’s natural heritage.

Predator control, weed management, along with kereru, tui, morepork and long-tailed bat counts, weta houses, lizard retreats, and invertebrate monitoring are all being utilised to help understand the bush area and to monitor the response of wildlife to the pest control efforts.

Ongoing planting of appropriate native species is occurring to re-vegetate margins of bush and wetlands of the reserve. Forest birds such as miromiro/tomtit and tititipounamu/rifleman have been re-introduced back into the reserve with more translocations to come in the future.

For more information go to the Friends of A’Deane’s Bush Facebook page.

This event is part of Conservation Week 2022 - www.conservationweek.org.nz

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A'Deane's Bush Scenic Reserve, Ongaonga, Central Hawke's Bay

Makaretu Rd, Ongaonga