Wairoa River

The Wairoa River runs south for 65 kilometres from the inland east coast region of the North Island, before flowing into northern Hawke Bay at the town of Wairoa.

The full Maori name of the river is 'Te Wairoa Hopupu Honengenenge Matangi Rau', which means the long, bubbling, swirling, uneven waters.

The river is best enjoyed from the Wairoa River Walkway, which winds along the banks of the river from the historic lighthouse in the CBD, finishing at the famous lookout point on Pilot's Hill.

In the few years since the walkway was started, it has become a mainstay in the recreational activities of both residents and visitors alike. On any day of the week, people can be seen enjoying the path, whether it be taking a leisurely stroll, running or cycling with the family.