Mohaka River

Mohaka is a Maori word, roughly translated it means “place for dancing” - and dance it does.

The headwaters are found in the Kaweka and Kaimanawa ranges.From the range it winds southeast before twisting northeast and finally southeast again to empty into the Pacific Ocean near the town of Mohaka.

The Mohaka offers something for any level of kayaking. Beginners will find plenty of eddies and waves on the Grade 2 sections while intermediate kayakers will find the Grade 3 more challenging. The Grade 5 is a technical run for more advanced kayakers. 

The upper section is the most popular destination for fishing in Hawke’s Bay. Trout is a common catch, along with various varieties of native fish. Mainly brown trout are found above Pakaututu bridge and rainbow trout below. Fishing is not as good on the lower sections but the rapids are more exciting and challenging.

Top tip

No trip to the Mohaka is complete without an adrenaline-filled trip down the river with Mohaka Rafting.