Lake Waikaremoana

Te Urewera, Wairoa District, Hawkes Bay

Lake Waikaremoana is located in Te Urewera in the North Island of New Zealand, 60 kilometres northwest of Wairoa.

Please refer to the Ngai Tuhoe website for the latest updates regarding Te Urerewa access

Lake Waikaremoana covers an area of 54 square kilometres, and lies at the heart of the historical home of Ngai Tuhoe. From Maori, Lake Waikaremoana roughly translates to the 'sea of rippling waters' and is reknowned for its breath-taking beauty.

Lake Waikaremoana is a holiday destination for people who use the lake for fishing, tramping and other recreational activities. The Lake Waikaremoana Track, one of New Zealand's "Great Walks", is a three- to four-day tramp which follows approximately half of the lake's circumference. There are huts along the walk which you need to book to stay in. Camping is permitted unless you are more than 500 metres from the track.

Numbers of visitors to the area are limited to some extent as a result of the extensive unsealed road that must be taken to reach it. This makes Lake Waikaremoana significantly less congested with tourists than the other 8 Great Walks in New Zealand. 

To learn more about walking Lake Waikaremoana, visit the Department of Conservation website. Before heading to walk the track, make sure you check the DOC website for updates on the track, including any closures. 

The winding scenic Te Urewera Rainforest Route (SH38) from Wairoa traverses the tribal territories of seven iwi as well as lush native rainforest. The Great Walk can be accessed from SH38 at Onepoto or at Hopuruahine Landing.

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