Waimarama Heritage Trail

The hills and the plateau to the southeast of Hastings are places of great beauty and historical interest. Rising from sea level to 640m, mudstones capped with limestone have been uplifted, tilted and otherwise affected by the subducting (going under) Pacific Plate to leave a complicated and fascinating landscape.

Sliding slopes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, once forested and now predominantly under grass, carry streams from a high rainfall area (2000mm on the plateau) to lower areas with only 800mm average annual rainfall. Traversing areas of limestone, these streams have good flow characteristics, and have carved interesting channels and even fragile arches are to be found.

Significant Points

  • The Havelock Hills
  • Te Mata Trust Park
  • Maraetotara Falls and Heritage Walk
  • Mokopeka Hydro-Electric Power Station
  • Maraetotara Gorge Scenic Reserve
  • Mohi Bush Scenic Reserve
  • Te Aratipi Station
  • Matanginui Viewpoint
  • Motu-o-Kura (Bare Island)
  • Waimarama
  • Ocean Beach Lookout
  • Cape Sanctuary
  • Belmount Homestead
  • Tutituki Homestead
  • Clive Grange
  • Matahiwi Marae
  • Exmoor
  • The Lawn
  • Waipatu Marae
  • Hawke's Bay A&P Society Showgrounds
  • Waikoko
  • The Park Mega Centre

Trail Details

The Waimarama Heritage Trail is just over 120km long and can be driven in 3 hours. However, to enjoy it fully, one or more days could be taken to visit all the sites and to enjoy all the walks. The Trail includes a small section of non-sealed road.

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