Inland Patea Hastings - Taihape Heritage Trail

Arriving in Hastings the skyline to the west is dominated by the Kaweka Ranges with places of great beauty and historical interest. Here deep earth movements have constructed a unique landform of mountain scenery with limestone features supporting unusual forest.

The Taihape Road follows the route of an old track from the Heretaunga Plains to the Inland Patea. This huge tract of high land stretches westward across the Hawke’s Bay ranges to the gorges of the Whanganui River and from a line running roughly on the base of Mount Ruapehu to south of the present town of Taihape.

Significant Points

  • Memorial to a horse
  • Flag Range Road
  • Sherenden Hall
  • Glenross Road
  • Mangawhare Homestead
  • Willowford
  • Hawke's Bay panorama
  • Kaweka Range
  • 'The Lizard'
  • Blowhard Bush
  • The Lawrence
  • Kuripapango Road
  • Kuripapango

Trail Details

Non stop, this Heritage Trail can be driven to Taihape in 2.5 hours or as far as Gentle Annie and return in 3 hours.

It is suggested, with stops to visit sites, a full day is taken but to walk the many tracks allow a day for each one.

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