Dressing Deco

Ladies attire - by Lee-anne Freeman, Charleston Chic

  • Start with a simple dress or frock - make it plain and pastel, with a small floral print. Alternatively, try a shift dress with a little sleeve. The appropriate length should be below the knee.
  • The most important accessory is a matching hat in a shade to compliment the dress. Add a flower or a distinctive trim of ribbon or scarf. The typical sunglasses for this period are a small round shape, ideally with metal/tortoise shell faux rims.
  • Shoes can be a pale colour to match with your choice of hat. Choose a Mary Jane style or Tee-Strap like a dance shoe with closed in toe. Ballet flats or court shoes will also work.
  • Gloves are a wonderful addition if they are crocheted or lace in a shade to compliment your chosen accessories. A parasol adds a nice feminine touch and sensible sun protection in Hawke’s Bay’s high UV light.
  • Jewellery can add instant glam to a plain frock. You can't go wrong with white, cream or coloured pearl beads. Finish with matching earrings, or even a pearl bracelet.
  • Make up can be a simple skin-tone foundation with rouged cheeks, pale eye shadow, kohl eye pencil and a shade of red for the lips, with a pale-coloured nail polish. With hairstyles, it is often simpler to wear a bob-style wig to avoid having to drastically change your current style.

Men's attire - by local Deco legend, Bertie

  • Deco suits are usually blue pin stripe and double breasted, with wide bottom trousers with turn-ups with buttoned fly.
  • For a Summery look, try a striped or plain blazer (or suit jacket) with baggy pale trousers (bags).
  • For hats, go for the Trilby (fedora) with the suit, or a straw boater or panama with the blazer and bags.
  • Neckwear – bow tie or a standard tie with the suit, or cravat (ascot) with the blazer.
  • Don't forget your braces clipped or buttoned to your bags.