Tuki Tuki Touring Loop

Whether it’s a whole day up your sleeve or just a couple of hours, Hastings District offers a number of excursions that are sure to invoke pure driving pleasure.

Anytime’s a good time, but it has to be said that late afternoon in autumn is an extra special time of the day to witness a fusion of gorgeous light and spectacular seasonal colours.

The Tuki Tuki loop is a shortish drive that leads you out on Waimarama Road, just outside Havelock North, underneath Te Mata Peak and past Craggy Range Winery.

Cross the Tuki Tuki River at Red Bridge, turn left and loop your way back though some breathtaking countryside and vistas, before emerging not far from the coastal settlement of Haumoana. It’s about ten minutes back to Hastings from there.

To venture out to Ocean Beach and Waimarama, instead of turning left after Red Bridge, head right and then turn left up the hill. Ocean Beach is a further 10 minutes' drive away, and Waimarama about 15. You can’t go wrong if you follow the signs.

Places to stop and savour

Enjoy a platter and tasting or stay for lunch at Craggy Range Winery

Get your coffee fix at Red Bridge Coffee