The Village Green

Following a once-in-a-generation revamp of what was formerly known as Havelock North Domain, the refurbished Havelock North Village Green was reopened in April 2017.

The new development includes an expansive new playground which features water play, climbing games, a skate park suitable for all ages, sun shades, paths, and new seating and tables.

Taking centre stage is the Mackersey Family Pavilion, which started life as the Domain’s cricket pavilion. The pavilion was moved to the current location beside Te Mata Road from its original position on the Karanema Drive side of the green, adjacent to the Village Pools. Opened in 1938 and once providing a fine outlook over the original cricket field, the pavilion became isolated by the creation of Karanema Drive which pushed through the middle of the field. Community support saw the pavilion’s relocation included as part of the Village Green development.

The new spaces created are now regular venues for markets, community gatherings and other outdoor events. The Mackersey Family Pavilion is also available for hire, by contacting Hastings District Council.