The Shape of Water - A Collection of works by Glen Colechin

16 Byron Street, Napier

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The Shape of Water is an exploration using natural acids on copper to create works that convey water in various shapes and forms.

The idea came when working on sculptural pieces and finding naturally formed colours/patinas growing in nooks and surfaces of the Sculptures, which looked like networks of rivers or tiny landscapes. With this body of work, I have experimented with various natural acids to recreate the colours and textures.

As a medium for this exhibition, I chose copper as the canvas to work on as it reacts with natural acids such as vinegar better than most metals and is more malleable.

Being an innovative craftsman fits comfortably with Glen Colechin’s engineering background. He has picked up a large knowledge base of materials in his previous role which helps him marrying up the right material for the right art piece he is creating.

He has a sound foundation with the skills to drive his creative core. “Art is everywhere,” Glen explains. “You need that creative eye to see it. That’s what makes me a good engineer of art.”

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