Solar Tsunamis Exhibition At the Faraday Museum

2b Faraday Street, Napier

Tūhura Otago Museum is thrilled to bring its newest science showcase to the Faraday Museum of Technology. Get hands-on with magnets, play with a plasma ball, generate your own electricity, make an aurora, and more!

Solar Tsunamis - Parawhenua Kōmaru introduces you to the science of space weather, and explains how a phenomenon that produces the aurora could also cripple our electricity and communication systems.

Find out why space weather poses these risks, and learn how an international research collaboration led by the University of Otago is preparing New Zealand's response to a hazard that is out of this world.

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The Faraday Museum of Technology, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

2b Faraday Street, Napier

Ticket Information

Adult  $10.00

Child (under 15 years)  $5.00

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Restrictions:  All Ages