'Small Wonders' - Leonard Lambert

106 Russell St South, Hastings

Opening on january 22 we have a full-gallery exhibition by local poet and artist leonard lambert. Leonard’s paintings explore small scale poetic flights of fancy and transformations from the landscapes of dream.

This exhibition was postponed from last year due to cyclone gabrielle, and leonard has been busying himself since then, so expect a full show of quiet and contemplative marvels from leonard.

Leonard Lambert:

In his painting, as in his poetry, Leonard Lambert’s sole focus and concern is Beauty, a humble and almost forgotten word in the so-called ‘art’ of these times. His haunting, small-scale paintings take the viewer into another, older world of mystery & imagination.

But to label these paintings as ‘otherworldly’ would be to do them a disservice. As every painter works from where he is with what he’s got, viewers will frequently discover a recognizably Hawke’s Bay landscape which has ‘magically’ become the setting of some mysterious incident or story.

The invitation is to imagine what that incident or story might be, to ‘enter’ the painting.

Take a look around...



Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings