Singing Crystal Bowls with Rob Clemens

10 Woodford Heights, Havelock North

Lie down, Bliss out, Float away...

To the quietness and connectedness of meditation, contemplation, breathwork, voice-activated mindscapes that is Rob's specialty when he plays his singing crystal bowls.

Rob will take you on a journey into your very soul to open your heart and connect you to more than you may have imagined.

A simple chat to focus you first - with like-minded people in the soft and inviting home lounge - the journey you embark on is concentrated by the pure clear quartz crystal singing bowls that connect with you and your heart.

Bliss out is an understatement.
This regular monthly session is free of charge - if you have an occupation or hobby to do with helping people and caring, this is for you. You may be on a spiritual journey of your own discovering and becoming more aware of what is; then this is the universe's way of giving back to you that also give.

While a free event, Koha is also humbly accepted or if you have a practice that may appeal to Rob, sharing your expertise at some point. He loves to learn.

While these sessions delve into the unknown and the heartspace, there is no commitment to come every time - so even just the once is nice - and please, treat this as an addition to your regular mind/body practice rather than as a replacement.

Please arrive by 7.15pm and bring a yoga lying mat for the comfy floor, a couple of chairs are also available, and please bring a pillow and blanket and an open heart and mind.

Love and Light.

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Wed 9th Dec 2020, 7:30pm

Wed 10th Feb 2021, 7:30pm

Wed 10th Mar 2021, 7:30pm

Wed 14th Apr 2021, 7:30pm

Wed 12th May 2021, 7:30pm

Sat 12th Jun 2021, 7:30pm


The Loft B&B, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

10 Woodford Heights, Havelock North