School Holiday Skateboard Lessons

290 Marine Parade, Napier

Bay Skates Skateboard Lessons are continuing over the school holidays! Not only that but we've added three new classes to give you more opportunities to sign up! Whether you're just starting out or been skating for a while and are wanting to up your game, we've got the class for you. During the two week school break we have classes for both beginner and intermediate skill levels. A beginner is someone who is at the very early stages of their skateboarding career. They are someone who may not be able to push, ollie over an object or drop in to a ramp yet. An intermediate skater is someone who can ollie comfortably, drop in to ramps and are in the stages of learning more ramp and flat ground tricks i.e shuvits, kickflips, bowl skating. If you're unsure on which class type suits you best, feel free to flick us a message!

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Bay Skate, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

290 Marine Parade, Napier

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