Own Your Sound - A Confidence-driven Singing Workshop

26 Marine Parade, Napier

- Have you ever felt like singing wasn't for you? That you didn't have "what it takes"?

- Have you ever experienced a profound sense of freedom and connection while singing alone, and desired to share that experience with others?

- What emotions do you experience when you let your voice express itself without limitations?

This workshop aims to deeply reconnect with our body and its functioning. To allow our inner melody to manifest without restrictions.
My role is not to teach, but to provide the tools to accompany you on the journey of rediscovering yourself as a living instrument.

In our workshop, we'll explore body and breathing exercises designed to engage the proper muscles for sound production. This will result in improved control and confidence while singing. Participants will work in both group and individual voice exercises, nurturing deep connections through active listening.
The main emphasis will be on embracing and celebrating our voice as a powerful tool for expression, free from judgment or preconceived notions.
Through guided and spontaneous activities, we'll create a safe and supportive environment to explore and nurture our unique voices.
Attendees will receive practical and theoretical materials to keep on practicing at home, empowering them to continue developing their singing skills independently after the workshop.

- The practice of sound alters and balances the body by releasing endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety.
- Improves interpersonal communication skills by developing expression and listening abilities.
- Brings our attention to the present moment through senses and sensations, deeply grounding the body and quieting the mind.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, a cushion and a blanket to make sure you're relaxed and comfortable during some of the exercises.

Facilitated by Virginia Sacco
Born in Argentina, my musical journey began at age 5. After graduating as a Professional Singer from the Buenos Aires School of Music, I explored diverse vocal techniques, music therapy, piano, and guitar.
With over 20 years of teaching experience, I'm fascinated by the subtleties of sound and specially the sound of our voice. This led me to explore diferents aspects of sound like didgeridoo and overtone singing.
Later on, I became an Empathic Healing therapist and was able to put into words what I had already been feeling. The human being is a unity of body, mind and spirit, everything we are is fundamentally reflected in how we speak to ourselves.
I deeply believe that working with the voice heals and makes us free. It's not what or how we do things, is from where we do them.
There's nothing more intimate than that.

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Pacific Surf Lifesaving Club, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

26 Marine Parade, Napier

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