'Out of the Closet' - The Two Brushketeers

106 Russell St South, Hastings

'Out of the Closet' - Christine Parnell - Gail Davidson
Gail and Christine (aka 'The Two Brushketeers') welcome you to their eleventh exhibitions of original paintings.
Christine Parnell -
My process is influenced by the medium that I am using at the time, and that often depends on mood. The serendipitous happenings that occur with watercolour appeal even although this can lead in an unintended direction. I feel that it is important to go along with these unexpected occurrences and let them have their way rather than trying to impose my will upon them. An idea can then reach the surface and set off a series of reactions that eventually take form. 

I am inspired by my surroundings and relish recording the Napier inner harbour area and town as well as the more rural parts of Hawke’s Bay. The transparency and fluidity of watercolour is ideal for this.

I have been painting for over 20 years using both watercolour and mixed media. I was a founding member of Viva Gallery, and have exhibited at the National Academy in Wellington as well as locally. I have won awards at Art Hawke’s Bay annual exhibitions.
Gail D Davidson -
Hi to you all. I am a Napier based artist with stories to be told often using bold acrylic paints on canvas. I frame many of my own paintings. As well I have greeting cards of my work.
I am inspired by life happening around me where my somewhat warped sense of humour can change an everyday happening to a subtly or more often vastly altered occurrence on the canvas. With tongue in cheek I like to reflect the humorous side of life with the occasional irreverent touch. I am as far from being a realistic painter as the sun is from the moon with my characters finding their shape to suit the theme.
I have been painting for more than 15 years initially with Humanity Painters as well as invitation only and local exhibitions plus solo shows.  This includes the Harcourts Artex exhibition 2022 and 2023. For more than 10 years myself and another Napier based artist have exhibited under the mantle of 'The Two Brushketeers' at local galleries. I have also been in galleries and Affordable Art shows around NZ. My paintings hang in many homes throughout NZ and overseas including Australia, Europe and the UK. 

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Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings