'Kiwi Women Going For It' Cate Godwin Exhibition

16 Byron Street, Napier

“Kiwi Women Going For It” is a tribute to some of the women who impress me with their positive “can do” attitude to life.

Some of them are whanau such as my high-achieving sister Naomi Larkin Editor of NZ House and Garden and Dame Ellen France Supreme Court Judge. The other women are artists, teachers, friends and mothers. I have also referenced women in the media who amaze me with their ability to handle high-profile situations. All of them contribute love, care and wonderment to the people around them.

Celebrate fabulous women with me by coming to see “Kiwi Women Going For it” at Creative Arts Napier. The exhibition opens September 16 and runs for two weeks.

Opening event 16 September 5pm-7pm.

Cate Godwin is a qualified secondary school teacher of visual arts teacher. She has taken print workshops for adults at Creative Arts Napier and Keirunga Creative Arts Centre. Cate is a local representative for The Print Council Of Aotearoa. Career highlights include selected exhibitions East, and the Hawkes Bay Art Review.

Making art absorbs and excites Cate Godwin, allowing her to capture vital moments in her life and share them. This life long passion began when Cate was a teenager spending Sunday afternoons in her dad's art room at Okaihau College where he taught art amongst other things.

Cate's camera is a key drawing tool and the work she creates is cropped, manipulated and reproduced as photographs, digital image transfers, relief and intaglio prints drawings and paintings.
Cate's membership with The Print Council Of Aotearoa and Hawkes Bay Inkers has led to regular participation in print exhibitions in New Zealand and occasionally international exchanges with Wales and Australian print groups.

'Kiwi Women Going For It' is Cate's first solo exhibition and it is intentionally based in representation. At it's heart is her desire to share with others her enthusiasm for the good things that women around her are doing to ensure Aotearoa is a wonderful safe place to grow up and live in.

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Creative Arts Napier, Community Arts Centre, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

16 Byron Street, Napier