HBAF2020 Presents - A Traveller's Guide to Turkish Dogs

101 Hastings Street South, Hastings, Hastings

A Traveller's Guide to Turkish Dogs
A story of two strays. Set on the salty and smoky coast of Turkey, against the backdrop of one of humanity’s oldest and richest oral storytelling traditions.

Absolutely bursting with lively characters this is a tour de force of performance from award-winning actors Stevie Hancox-Monk, Andrew Paterson and Tess Sullivan, with Barnaby Olsen narrating this real-life shaggy-dog tale of how he moved to the Turkish coast to build boats and came to inherit a bullied, beaten stray animal.

A spellbindingly inventive retelling of a beautifully simple true story – one of friendship, adventure, loyalty, and truth. This is the story of a dog and her man. A journey across continents. It is the true story of a mad historian, immortal fishermen, and the Mother of Wolves, border crossings, buried treasure, and the value of companionship.

It is an OE like you’ve never seen or heard. All brought to life by a pack of New Zealand’s most captivating shape-shifting actors.

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Wed 14th Oct 2020, 7:30pm


Toitoi - Hawke's Bay Arts & Events Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

101 Hastings Street South, Hastings, Hastings

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