Charter Parade

Clive Square, Napier

The Charter parade is a tradition going back centuries that signifies the bond between the military and the people, where a military unit entrusted with the protection of a city is permitted to march through the streets with Drums beating, Band playing, Colours flying, Bayonets fixed and Swords drawn.

The 5th/7th Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (5/7 RNZIR) hold the charter to Napier City. They will be supported by the 7th Battalion Band Incorporated and the 5th WWCT Battalion Pipes and Drums. The 5th WWCT Pipes and Drums and the 7th Battalion Band will combine to lead the parade and provide musical support during the formal part of the proceedings once the parade reaches the Soundshell.

When the parade reaches the Soundshell it will be inspected by the Mayor of Napier City, Her Worship Kirsten Wise, before medals and promotions are awarded.

The bands will entertain with a mix of traditional tunes and music from the 1920s and 1930s at the Soundshell after the parade has been dismissed.

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Sat 20th Feb 2021, 12:30pm


Clive Square, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

Clive Square, Napier