Ceilidh Club

162 Main Road, Clive, Napier

What is a ceilidh (and how do you say it)?
A Ceilidh (kay-lee) is a fun filled night of dancing, good music and great company! 

This workshop and ceilidh will have an Irish theme. The Ceilidh is on St Patrick's Day itself, so get out your green gear and come along for a jig.

Please note: these events are alcohol free

Do i need to know the steps?
No experience is necessary, and all the steps are explained. If you’ve been to a ceilidh or a barn dance before then you know how much fun it is! There is a caller who will explain the dances and the moves. It’s a great evening out for beginners and those who have danced before.
To ceilidh you just need a bit of coordination, a sense of fun, and some energy.
Anyone can ceilidh dance. It’s simple, and fun and great for fitness.

Do i need to have a partner?
At the start of each dance we make sure everyone has someone else to dance with. As you dance through the evening you will get to meet everyone there.

What’s going to happen in this ceilidh club?
For the first week the experienced caller and musicians will teach you some easy dances and show you some tips for getting the most fun out of the moves.
The last evening will be a ceilidh where you can practise those dances for real. If you’re a beginner you’ll be feeling like a pro by then and ready to learn more dances.

Do i have to join or sign up?
You can come to any or all of the sessions. Or just come to the ceilidh, even if you couldn’t make it to any of the previous weeks. At the ceilidh all the dances are walked through and explained, so there’s nothing to worry about!

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Clive Community Hall, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

162 Main Road, Clive, Napier