Breathe Easy Workshop

15 McElwee St, Napier

This workshop is designed to help you reconnect with your breath, destress and discover ways to breathe easily and fully.

Better breathing can:

- Help you feel more calm and relaxed
- Increase energy and sense of vitality
- Improve sleep quality (and get you to sleep)
- Reduce tension and discomfort
- Enhance athletic performance
- Improve your posture

Breathing is the most constant and fundamental movement we do. Though most of the time our breathing happens in the background and we don’t pay any attention to how we do it.

The quality of our breathing is linked to how we move, our emotions and general wellbeing.

What’s Involved
Breathing is so much more than “breathe in, breathe out”. Rather than focusing on a particular breathing technique or “right” way of breathing, you will experience practical ways to improve the quality of your breathing in everyday life.

With verbally-guided Awareness Through Movement ® lessons (and a little bit of anatomy!) you will learn about different aspects of breathing, how you do it and how it connects to your movement, mood and posture.

Who Is It For?
This workshop will suit anyone interested or working on increasing their energy levels, wellbeing or physical performance. It’s also great if you are looking for ways to destress and find a sense of deep relaxation. And of course, it's especially helpful if you are a shallow or anxious breather.

Payment must be made at the time of booking to secure your place.

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Discover for yourself how better breathing can improve your life!
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About Sarah
Sarah is an expert Movement Coach and Certified Feldenkrais practitioner with years’ of experience in helping people reconnect mind, body and movement. She is passionate about helping you move (and breathe!) in an easy, functional and pain-free way.


Sun 14th Mar 2021, 1:00pm


Movement Works Studio, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

15 McElwee St, Napier

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