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The Art Shed @ Crab Farm Winery

511 Main North Road, Bay View, Napier, Hawke's Bay

The Art Shed is located at Crab Farm Winery in Bay View, Napier. It is a rustic shed with a ‘hygge’ ambience - one of warmth, comfort and friendly vibes. Everything is crafted, painted, made and designed by our team of artists and the range of work available makes this gallery accessible to all.

When you step through The Art Shed gates you are immediately surrounded by a huge range of garden art in the courtyard, which has its own unique mural spanning the wall. Once inside the building, customers stop, breathe deeply, take in the aroma of wood and candles, the sight of glorious art and the anticipation of the treasures that they will discover within. The Art Shed is a multi-sensory experience which has everyone talking.