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Waipawa Butchery

72 High St, Central Hawke's Bay, Hawke's Bay

All the beef and lamb in the Waipawa Butchery is finished on Patangata Station, 15km away from the shop. We own the Station and we own the Butcher shop so we can be in control of the entire process to ensure consistent quality meat for our customers. Our animals nibble away 365 days of the year on the most delicious mix of nutrient rich green plants: clover, plantain, kale and a range of the Long White Clouds natural grasses that surround the hills of Patangata. Farmer Duncan and his team of well mannered dogs, gently move the sheep and cattle across the lush landscape of the Patangata hills in Central Hawke’s Bay, making sure they remain relaxed and happy. Good farming practice and excellent animal welfare helps to ensure Patangata Station produces healthy, premium quality beef and lamb that have exceptional flavours. Antibiotic-free | GM-free | hormone-free. Happy happy days!