Buttercream & Blooms

Welcome to Buttercream and Blooms.

My bespoke cakes tell a story, I like to collaborate with my brides rather than being a service you simply hire. Your wedding cake is the most special cake of your life and it should reflect memories, scents from your childhood, food memories from travelling together, flowers from nana's garden, however that reflection looks to you, I love to facilitate it.

Quality is key here, yes I make cakes but I believe your end product is only as good as the ingredients you use. I don't believe in pre-mix frostings or cake mixes, everything here is made from scratch by me. From the cake to the filling and frosting, every flower, flake of gold leaf and essence is hand made and hand placed, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

My personal food philosophy extends into my cakes. I only use Organic free-range eggs sourced from a farm outside of Havelock North, I use unbleached wheat flour or spelt and spray-free flowers (something a lot of people don't consider), I source local spray-free fruit and local berries.