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Aroha Helicopters

Aeroclub, Napier Airport, Watchman Road, Napier Ai, Napier, Hawke's Bay

Aroha is Maori for Love and as the name suggests we Love helicopters!


We specialise in Helicopter Flight training. We can provide helicopter type ratings in various other helicopters and also Helicopter Charter Services around New Zealand.


We also provide private sightseeing tours and transfers, enabling visitors to appreciate the spectacular Hawke's Bay landscape from a unique perspective.


Services are available out of region, to/from Napier Airport, or anywhere else in the Bay that can cater to helicopter landings. 


Why not join us for a flight and find out where our Aroha of helicopters come from - there is truly no other way to completely experience Hawke's Bay!

Tour Information...


To book, please: give us a call , send us an email

Tour Duration

15mins - multiday Hours