The Volunteers


My wife and I had been living in Napier for a couple of years and during that time observed the Art Deco Festival from a safe distance and enjoyed it. Then, on one overseas trip we took several walking tours around European towns. We loved them. And then it dawned on me – I can do that in Napier!

So, about ten years ago I trained to become a volunteer Guide at The Art Deco Trust and it has been an important part of my life ever since. It got even better when I was let loose as a Tour Guide with our beautiful 1930s Packard cars.  A win-win situation indeed. I am one of a group of like-minded people who have volunteered to show off our small and beautifully formed City rebuilt in tragic circumstances during globally difficult times. Simultaneously, I get to meet a host of people from all over the world some of whom are captains of industries and some are just ordinary old Mums and Dads.

The story of Napier is easy to sell. I have been told many times by overseas visitors that this has been the highlight of their trip or cruise.