Scenic stops on the Hawke's Bay Trails

Whether you're after a selfie, group shot, panoramic landscape, or just a view to admire, the Hawke's Bay Trails measure up rather nicely when it comes to scenic stops. 

We've highlighted a few of our favourites that we're confident should be on your must-visit list. So what are you waiting for?! See you on the trails!

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Any one of Hawke's Bay's 35+ cellar doors

The ease of connecting to the region's famed cellar doors from the Hawke's Bay Trails is superbly straightforward. Which means this is about the easiest (and tastiest) way to tick your first box of our top scenic spots. 

Cycling into Elephant Hill 600x400

Napier Viewing Platform

An overnight sensation for locals and visitors alike when it was opened in late 2015. The 67-metre long structure is brilliantly photogenic, and with a direct connection to the Marine Parade section of the trails, it's a pleasant detour to enjoy elevated views out into Hawke Bay.

Napier Viewing Platform cyclists 600x400

Perfume Point

Somewhat ironically named for being the location of a former sewer outfall, Perfume Point in Ahuriri is an excellent vantage point at the mouth of the inner harbour. The marine-themed mural on the lighthouse, part of the excellent SeaWalls mural trail, is photo-worthy all on its own.

Perfume Point cyclists 600x400

Roy's Hill Reserve

A spectacular restoration of this former closed landfill site in the Gimblett Gravels region on SH50 has created an elevated rest stop, popular with cyclists for its 360 degree views. Look across to the peaks of Te Mata, Kahuranaki, Mt Erin, as well as the Kaweka and Ruahine Ranges.

Roys Hill Reserve cyclist 600x400

Te Mata Peak

Ok, not technically on the Hawke's Bay Trails. But the view is iconic to Hawke's Bay, so we're making an exception. Ascent the summit in whichever way suits you - via the mountain bike tracks for those who are suitable skilled, or carefully via the road - and enjoy views across much of Hawke's Bay. 

Te Mata Peak cyclist 600x401

Oak Avenue

Technically it's Ormond Road, but 'Oak Avenue' is a long-standing feature on the trails network. This open-road section of the trails network was once the grand entrance to a homestead dating back to the 1860s. Now it's a picture-perfect mile-long stretch of nature featuring more than 200 English Oaks, alongside Elm, Plane, Lime, Cedrus and Redwood trees.

Oak Avenue cyclists 600x400

Poplar Lane

Located on the trail section that runs on the western side of the Tūtaekuri River, part of the Puketapu Loop, a short section of the trail ducks under cover - offering a brief respite from the Hawke's Bay sun and a top-notch opportunity to grab a shot for Instagram! 

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