Waitangi Wetlands

State Highway 2, Hastings District, Hawkes Bay

Waitangi Estuary is about 5 minutes drive or 15 minutes cycle south of Napier

This 240 ha of wetland is where Muddy Creek, and the Ngaruroro, Tutaekuri and Clive Rivers meet the sea. This area provides a variety of wetland and coastal habitats that support a significant population of bird species, including heron and bittern, similar to that of the nearby Tukituki Estuary.

Restoration of the estuary has provided improved wetland breeding areas for fish and birds, with planting and enhancement of water flows.  A popular area for fishing, whitebaiting, boating, rowing and other sports.

Access: various points by SH2 on the coast south of Napier, the Hawke’s Bay Trails  provide cycling/walking access.

Learn about the history and development of this special place here.