Top Tips and Tricks for Wedding Photos

When it comes to weddings, Hawke’s Bay has it all - wonderful weather, diverse venues, picturesque scenery and quality wedding suppliers. 

As an experienced Hawke’s Bay wedding photographer I’ve had the good fortune to have worked in many of our fine venues and with many different vendors. I’ve also explored much of Hawke’s Bay’s amazing landscapes.

When thinking about wedding photography, I have a few 'insider' tips to share... 

Tip One: Have a Plan B for wet or windy weather, just in case! Along with an alternative for your ceremony, chat with your wedding photographer about where your bridal photos could be taken should the weather let you down. 

Tip Two: Book a Hawke’s Bay photographer. There is a community of amazing photographers here in the bay, all with their own style and talent. Check them out before before paying someone to travel to shoot your wedding.  Side-note: Ditto goes for other wedding vendors (cake decorators, florists, planners, stylists etc). Our local suppliers are amazingly talented and on-trend.

Tip Three: Your photographer will be by your side for most of your wedding day. Get to know him/her to ensure you feel comfortable in their company. Meet for a chat over coffee to see if you get along and if you don't click, talk with someone else!

Tip Four: Work collaboratively with your photographer. Talk through your ideas and must-haves, but also seek suggestions and advice.  A good photographer will find out what is important to a couple and develop a wedding day plan that achieves the goals while staying flexible and true to their style.

Tip Five: Hawke’s Bay has some rockin’ scenery! This, coupled with our track record for awesome weather, means you can get epic wedding photos. Local photographers know where the best locations are and how to get the best results from these landscapes. Be prepared to climb gates and tramp down well hidden farm tracks.

Tip Six: My last tip and probably the most important: do it your way. Don’t let tradition dictate how you plan your wedding. Be true to yourselves as a couple and plan your day so you feel comfortable and relaxed as you celebrate with friends and family.

Your photos will last a lifetime and beyond, so make them an important part of your wedding day. Happy planning! 

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