Cow Pat Pit CPP Workshop

580 Middle Road, Havelock North

At Farmhouse Kitchen we are introducing the CCP. We will be building this from scratch, it is a special designed brick lined pit. Then we collect fresh mature from our cows, that graze our organic paddocks. The manure will be mixed with ground eggshells and basalt dust, and inoculated with biodynamic preparations. Then it is all mixed and placed in the pit, where it will undergo a fermenting process, aerobic decomposting for three months. The end result is CPP. Rachel Pomeroy will be our guide, and she teaches us how to prepare and use CPP for plant growth and strengthening plants against diseases and pathogenic fungi. She will also have ready CPP for sale. Arrive from 10am, and after a nourishing morning tea, we will get to work!

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Sat 3rd Mar 2018, 10:00am


Farmhouse Kitchen Cooking School, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

580 Middle Road, Havelock North