Welcome to Hawke's Bay!

Hello Autumn!

It might be Autumn according to the calendar but we are still basking in beautiful sunshine and all the deliciousness of autumn produce available. With the crunch of new season apples, a buzz of activity in the vineyards as harvest kicks in and the rustle of changing leaves, there’s plenty to do in Hawke’s Bay and some great events to plan for.

Winter F.A.W.C! is just around the corner June 9 - July 9... we extended it a bit for thirsty rugby fans....www.fawc.co.nz. And we have a bunch of "Off the Field Deals" for visitors from the UK.

As always, there are wines to be sipped, famers markets to be visited, hikes to be taken and trails to be ridden!

See you in Hawke’s Bay!